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Id:  WTI-0000984

George School of Competitive Exams

Email ID :

Mobile No. : 9830277568

Address:  Rongoli Building. 4th Floor, Dunlop More. Kolkata - , Kolkata

Area:  kolkata

Country:  India

Pincode:  700108


Preferred Contact timing:  10 am-7 pm

Language of instruction

English , Hindi , Others,

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About Us

George School of Competitive Exams, a unit of The George Telegraph Group established in 1920, is dedicated to providing guidance and coaching of utmost quality in a scientific manner through a systematic modern teaching techniques to the youth.

Why Us

GSCE helps them in realizing their true potential by securing qualifying marks in different competitive exams and making them eligible for the relevant job market. GSCE has the right opportunity to groom students to success with full confidence by making them attain perfection in knowledge and time management. Now, GSCE has more than 45 numbers of Centres throughout West Bengal & Bihar.


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