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How to start your Online Tutoring Journey

Tutoring is all about helping a student understanding a difficult or complex concept. In today’s age, time management and getting best tutors in your physical proximity is a big deciding factor for your career. If you are in the best city with lots of experience and elite pool of tutors nearby, then you should go for offline tutoring. Otherwise, it is best for you to go for online tutoring.

  • Online tutoring can save your travel time

  • Online tutoring can give you more choices to get the best quality tutors and can even cross the national boundary.FromUnited States, a student can take math lesson from an Indian tutor

  • Online tutoring is more convenient with flexible scheduling

  • Online tutoring has great earning potential if somebody wants to take it as a career option.

There are several tools available online we are mentioning some of them below-
Skype- Skype is provided by Microsoft and free for unlimited use. Although it offers a premium plan for group calling, it offers free video or voice calling,
chatting, screen sharing, file transferring option. 
Google Hangout- It is also same as Skype. Here you can schedule a free group session in advance which can be recorded and watched later. Through Google Hangout you can make free video calls, chat, share screen and transfer files.

Google Docs- This is the best online collaboration tool for online tutoring and it is free for unlimited use.

Baiboard- It is really a great tool conducting a group session with 40 (max) participant on the same board. Here a user can create, share and collaborate various contents.

Idroo- It
provides educational whiteboard that enables tutors to communicate students effectively. Although it has paid premium option, but tutors can use some of its excellent features free of cost.


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