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Id:  WTI-0001001


Area: All over India

Address: P-12, CIT Road Scheme VI M, Phool Bagan, 1st floor, Akshoy House, Kolkata Next to PhoolBagan BATA showroom

Pincode: 700054.

Teaches: ACT (College level) , AIIMS MBBS (Medical) , BITSAT (Engineering) ,

Aakash Institute
Id:  WTI-0000997

Aakash Institute

Area: All over India

Address: P-6, 1st Floor, CIT Road, Scheme-VI M, Kolkata.W.B.

Pincode: Nill

Teaches: AIIMS MBBS (Medical) , BITSAT (Engineering) , COMEDK (Medical/ Engineering) ,

Id:  WTI-0000958


Where aspiration meets success

Area: 46 branches all over the country

Address: 96K, S. P. Mukherjee Road, Hazra More, Kolkata-

Pincode: 700026

Teaches: AIEEE (Engineering) , AIIMS MBBS (Medical) , BITSAT (Engineering) ,

Unique Classes
Id:  WTI-0000929

Unique Classes

Accelerate Your Pathway to Success

Area: Central Metro

Address: 109A, First Floor, Chittaranjan Avenue, opposite School of Tropical, Medical College Gate 8 or near Central Metro Gate 5

Pincode: 700073

Teaches: AIEEE (Engineering) , AIIMS MBBS (Medical) , Bank/PO Entrance ,

Transition Career Solutions
Id:  WTI-0000923

Transition Career Solutions

Quality Education

Area: kolkata

Address: 3rd floor, 180, Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Road, Beniapukur, Kolkata, West Bengal

Pincode: 700014

Teaches: Aboriginal Studies (Class 5-8), Aboriginal Studies (Class- 11-12), Aboriginal Studies (Class- 9-10),

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