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Anurag Mishra
Id:  WTT-0001089

Anurag Mishra

only worst mistake is not to commit any at all !!!

Experience:  1 Year(s)

Qualification:  pursuing Btech in IIT-Madras

Teaches:  Algebra (Class- 11-12), Calculus (Math) (Class- 11-12), Calculus (Math) (Class- 9-10),

Area:  #A2A, Castle winds apartments

Julie Knight
Id:  WTT-0000667

Julie Knight

Amazing English Teacher!

Experience:  10 Year(s)

Qualification:  Bsc Psychology

Teaches:  English (Class- 11-12), English (Class- 9-10), Literature (Class 5-8),

Area:  99, Hanover Street

Anupama Sodhi
Id:  WTT-0000255

Anupama Sodhi

PTE training 79++! Helping you achieve 65+/75+ in as quick as 2 weeks time!!

Experience:  2 Year(s)

Qualification:  Bachelors of Science, University of Melbourne

Teaches:  PTE (Study Abroad),

Area:  -

Hannah Faith Dorado
Id:  WTT-0000124

Hannah Faith Dorado

Learning is never boring.

Experience:  0 Year(s)

Qualification:  College Graduate

Teaches:  English,

Area:  Lourdes Heights

Martine Lee
Id:  WTT-0000067

Martine Lee

English and French Online Tutor, based in London Ontario Canada, with 14 years of experience teaching!

Experience:  14 Year(s)

Qualification:  Bachelor's degree in French and Psychology, minor in English

Teaches:  English, French,

Area:  London Ontario Canada

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