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Dr S Iyer
Id:  WTT-0000061

Dr S Iyer

Competent, Committed and Caring Tutor

Experience:  15 Year(s)

Qualification:  PhD

Teaches:  Algebra (Class 5-8), Algebra (Class- 11-12), Algebra (Class- 9-10),

Area:  Nill

Madhusudan narayan manohar
Id:  WTT-0000237

Madhusudan narayan manohar

Experience:  40 Year(s)

Qualification:  MSc (Maths)

Teaches:  Algebra (Class- 11-12), Algebra (College Level), Business Maths (Class- 11-12),

Area:  1444 Sadashiv Peth, Khajina Vihir Lane, Pune 411030

Goutam Sen
Id:  WTT-0000234

Goutam Sen

Success is a method, has no short cut

Experience:  4 Year(s)

Qualification:  B. Sc(Hons in Maths), FCA, ACMA

Teaches:  Accountancy (Class 5-8), Accountancy (Class- 11-12), Accountancy (Class- 9-10),

Area:  78/1, Selimpur Road

Id:  WTT-0000673


i am 9 year experience in all boards of teaching in school level and engineering level

Experience:  9 Year(s)

Qualification:  M.Tech (Networking)

Teaches:  Biology (Class- 11-12), Biology (Class- 9-10), Business Maths (Class- 11-12),

Area:  9/32-A Mariamman Kovil street Narasimhanaicken palayam Coimbatore -641031

manikanda prabhu
Id:  WTT-0000318

manikanda prabhu

Maths home tuition taken for all classes ( schools and colleges)

Experience:  5 Year(s)

Qualification:  MSc, MPhil

Teaches:  Business Maths (Class- 11-12), Business Maths (Class- 9-10), Business Maths (College Level),

Area:  Pallikarani

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