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Dr Jitendra Ramashankar Upadhyay
Id:  WTT-0000283

Dr Jitendra Ramashankar Upadhyay


Experience:  17 Year(s)

Qualification:  Bachelor In Homoeopathic Medicine & surgery

Teaches:  Bio-medical (Class 5-8), Bio-medical (Class- 11-12), Bio-medical (Class- 9-10),

Area:  A2 Narmada CHSL ,MIDC road Near Shree Krishna garden Mira road East

Nalini Kanta Sahoo
Id:  WTT-0000147

Nalini Kanta Sahoo

Dr.Nalini kanta Sahoo Professor & H.O.D MLR Institute of Pharmacy, Hyderabad

Experience:  10 Year(s)

Qualification:  Ph.D

Teaches:  Bio Chemistry (Class- 11-12), Bio Chemistry (Class- 9-10), Chemistry (Class- 11-12),

Area:  Hycons Exotic Hyderabad

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