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Amar Bahadur Singh
Id:  WTT-0000468
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Amar Bahadur Singh


Gender:  Male

Qualification:  Postgraduate

Teaching Experience:  2 Year(s)

Email ID : amarmathbhu28@gmail.com

Mobile No. / WhatsApp : 8004866802

Contact Timing:  Any time

Preferred Location:  Online.

Address:  Varanasi Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh

Area:  Varanasi

Country:  India

Pincode:  221307

Website: https://welcometutor.com

Language of instruction

English , Hindi ,

Subjects & Fees
# Subject Fee Ranges(approx)
1 Aboriginal Studies (College Level) 500-700 /Hour
2 Business Maths (Class 5-8) 400-500 /Hour
3 Business Maths (Class- 11-12) 500-600 /Hour
4 Business Maths (Class- 9-10) 600-700 /Hour
5 Business Maths (College Level) 600-800 /Hour
6 Discrete Math (Class 5-8) 300-500 /Hour
7 Discrete Math (Class- 11-12) 400-60 /Hour
8 Discrete Math (Class- 9-10) 5000-700 /Hour
9 Discrete Math (College Level) 600-800 /Hour
Educational Certificates
About Me

Hi, I am Graduate from BHU in Mathematics and postgraduate from IIT Madras. I am expert in mathematics up to graduation level. My Expertise are Linear algebra, ordinary differential equation, Partial differential equation, complex analysis, Laplace transf


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