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Indrajit Das
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Indrajit Das

without proper education man/woman has no difference with beasts

Gender:  Male

Qualification:  B.tech (ECE),expertise in Physics,chemistry,Maths,programming

Teaching Experience:  15 Year(s)

Email ID : digitalindra@gmail.com

Mobile No. / WhatsApp : 9163731835

Contact Timing:  8 pm- 10 pm

Preferred Location:  At Tutor's location,

Address:  Howrah Maidan,near kolkata., West Bengal

Area:  kolkata

Country:  India

Pincode:  711101

Website: https://welcometutor.com

Language of instruction

English ,

Subjects & Fees
# Subject Fee Ranges(approx)
1 Engineering Entrance 4000/Rs per month /Hour
2 JEE Advanced (Engineering) 4000/Rs-per month for one day per week /Hour
3 JEE Mains (Engineering) 4000/Rs per month,for one day perer week /Hour
4 JIPMER MBBS (Medical) 4000/Rs per month,one day per week /Hour
5 Medical Entrance 4000/Rs per month,one day per week /Hour
6 NEET (Medical) 4000/Rs per month,one day per week /Hour
Educational Certificates
About Me

I am an engineer of Electronics as core subject,having expertise in Physics,chemistry,maths,out of interest in teaching,I have chosen this as a profession.


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