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Id:  WTI-0001016


Youth's Institute Of Education For Language And Development

Email ID :

Mobile No. : 919674127388

Address:  22, Pataldanga Street, Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani and M.G. Road Crossing, Kolkata, Kolkata

Area:  kolkata

Country:  India

Pincode:  700009


Preferred Contact timing:  10 am-7 pm

Language of instruction

English , Hindi , Others,

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About Us

Speaking in English is a basic weakness for the youths who are shining in their academics but fail to get into the groove in the international arena. So our mission and goal is to generate effective communication skills among the youths who mainly reside

Why Us

YIELD is strategically located at the heart of the city in Central Kolkata, near Amherst Street (See Google Map) where communication is always at your ease. Apart from that YIELD is armed with the following state of the art facilities. Computer-based learning facilities. Providing high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity across the entire campus for better and easier accessibility for all. Conducting classes through interactive projectors, videos, audio clips, and whiteboards. Huge and growing library stuffed with multi-lingual and multi-cultural books from Indian and foreign authors. Life at YIELD is completely under CCTV surveillance for security measures. All the classrooms at YIELD are fully air-conditioned. Providing the facility of SMS alerts for all, as and when required. Ability to register queries and suggestions online.

# Subject Fee Ranges(approx)
1 Business English /Hour
2 Chinese /Hour
3 English /Hour
4 French /Hour
5 German /Hour
6 Italian /Hour
7 Japanese /Hour
8 Portuguese /Hour
9 Spanish /Hour

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