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Id:  WTI-0001028


Email ID :

Mobile No. : 919883355550

Address:  4A, Elgin Road, (Sony Centre / Next to Bhawanipur College) 2nd Floor / Kolkata West Bengal, India., Kolkata

Area:  kolkata

Country:  India

Pincode:  700026


Preferred Contact timing:  10 am-7 pm

Language of instruction

English , Hindi , Others,

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About Us

OPUS is a premier test prep institute nurturing young minds and guiding them to enter some of the best schools in the country. We have achieved a 68% success rate in sending students to the top Law Schools in the country and we aim to increase that rate t

Why Us

Needless to say, our success in NIFT is close to 100% (95.5% to be exact) and we get around 3 selections to NID each year. Considering we are a mono city based organization, we assure you that no other training institute has achieved these figures here. Our passion is to teach and we are dedicated to get you admitted in your dream school. We’d love to meet you, so don’t lose out on the opportunity to associate with us and we’ll guide you.

# Subject Fee Ranges(approx)
1 CLAT (Law) /Hour
2 GMAT (Study Abroad) /Hour
3 GRE (Study Abroad) /Hour
4 NID (Design) /Hour
5 NIFT (Design) /Hour
6 SAT (Study Abroad) /Hour

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