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Id:  WTI-0000980

The British Institutes

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Mobile No. : 9831900775

Address:  P-112, BLOCK LAKE TOWN Kolkata, West Bengal-, Kolkata

Area:  All over India

Country:  India

Pincode:  700089


Preferred Contact timing:  10 am-7 pm

Language of instruction

English , Hindi , Others,

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About Us

The British Institutes is one of India's leading educators, with focus on diverse segments of education, and across learners of multiple age-groups. Originated from the School of Career, London in association with The British Institute of Commerce, The Br

Why Us

From the very beginning The British Institutes is involved in teaching through home study courses, a method approved by leading professional bodies, employers and educationists. Above all, it has been accepted by millions of students worldwide in pursuit of knowledge for a worthwhile career. The British Institutes ( A Division of The British Institute of Engineering Technology- BIET) is serving the need of career aspirants of our country with a single objective to make them achievement minded and perfectionist. It has been the duty of BIET for the last 83 years to whistle a tune to the career conscious students from a well known play “Anything you can do, I can do better”.

# Subject Fee Ranges(approx)
1 FACT (Accounting Software) /Hour
2 Personality Development /Hour
3 Advanced Excel /Hour
4 C language /Hour
5 C++ /Hour
6 Computer Hardware Maintenance /Hour
7 Computer Networking /Hour
8 Internet & Email /Hour
9 Java /Hour
10 Java Script /Hour
11 Microsoft Front Page /Hour
12 Microsoft Office /Hour
13 Microsoft Project /Hour
14 Microsoft Publisher /Hour
15 Unix /Hour
16 Visual Basic /Hour
17 Web Design and Development /Hour
18 Bank/PO Entrance /Hour
19 IELTS (Study Abroad) /Hour
20 SSC (Civil Service) /Hour
21 SSC (Teaching and Education) /Hour
22 TOEFL (Study Abroad) /Hour
23 Business English /Hour
24 Chinese /Hour
25 English /Hour
26 French /Hour
27 German /Hour
28 Russian /Hour
29 Spanish /Hour

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