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Prantik Sarkar
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Prantik Sarkar

Been into tutoring for 7 years guiding school level to undergraduates speciality in Computer Science and Applications mentoring and trying with different ways and methods which tends towards developing interest into seekers to break the stereotype approa

Gender:  Male

Qualification:  Master's of Computer Applications

Teaching Experience:  7 Year(s)

Email ID : prantik.sarkar85@gmail.com

Mobile No. / WhatsApp : 9874352704

Contact Timing:  2:00pm to 9:00pm

Preferred Location:  At Student location, At Tutor's location, Institute or Coaching Center, Online.


Area:  Nill


Pincode:  Nill

Website: https://welcometutor.com

Language of instruction

English , Hindi , Others,

Subjects & Fees
# Subject Fee Ranges(approx)
1 Advanced Excel /Hour
2 C /Hour
3 C Sharp /Hour
4 C# /Hour
5 C++ /Hour
6 Computer Hardware Maintenance /Hour
7 Computer Networking /Hour
8 Cyber Security /Hour
9 Data Structure /Hour
10 Digital Communication Design /Hour
11 Firewall Security /Hour
12 Ftrack /Hour
13 HTML /Hour
14 Information Technology /Hour
15 Internet & Email /Hour
16 Java /Hour
17 Java Script /Hour
18 Linux /Hour
19 Microsoft Office /Hour
20 MySQL /Hour
21 Networking /Hour
22 OOP /Hour
23 Operating System Fundamentals /Hour
24 Programming Fundamental /Hour
25 Python /Hour
26 Unix /Hour
27 Visual Basic /Hour
28 Weblogic /Hour
29 Windows server /Hour
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